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Camper doing ropes course up in the trees

S. Mark Taper Foundation Supports Wayfinder’s Camp Bloomfield

Children with multiple disabilities get to a chance to thrive in a traditional summer camp setting Malibu, CA (July 1, 2018) Wayfinder Family Services Camp Bloomfield is celebrating its 60th year of giving children with disabilities the chance to experience summer camp just like their peers. The 40-acre campground was donated to the organization by…

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Side By Side: Katrina and Mason

“We’ll travel along, singing a song, side by side…” Two 8-year-olds, Katrina and Mason, sang this lyric on their first day at a music program for the blind, nine years ago. Katrina remembers, “I felt like the song was a message to him. I felt like it would be a good idea to be his…

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A young man sits at a desk with his employer

Javi’s Strength

Javi has always had a positive spirit, but even he had doubts about what his future would hold. Visually impaired since birth due to optic nerve hypoplasia (underdeveloped optic nerves), he wondered if he would be able to succeed in college, get a job and live on his own. Everything changed when he attended a…

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A student of The Hatlen Center independently guides herself through a grocery store using a white cane

Madison Finds Her Independence

After high school, Madison, who has optic nerve hypoplasia, decided to continue living at home while she attended her local community college. Living in a small town with limited public transportation meant she had to depend on the kindness of friends and family to get to and from class and anywhere else she wanted, or needed,…

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A young boy who is visually impaired paddles a kayak, guided by two volunteers at the Wayfinder Paralympic Games

Ryan Achieves the Impossible

Ryan isn’t your average athlete. He is totally blind and has autism, so finding sports that meet his unique needs is difficult, to say the least. Playgrounds, community sports teams and schools often lack the resources and equipment to engage athletes with disabilities. So, for years, Ryan did not have the opportunities his sighted peers…

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An adult who is blind reads Braille while sitting at a countertop

Ronnie Reclaims His Independence

Over seven years, Ronnie became completely blind. When he lost his sight, he also lost his livelihood and independence. “I’ve always taken pride in my ability to do things on my own, so when I lost my sight, I thought I would need to depend on other people for everything,” says Ronnie. “It was the…

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Wayfinder's Blind Babies Foundation vision impairment specialists Drue and Michelle stand next to parents of an infant at the Bethel China early intervention forum in Beijing

Wayfinder Brings Early Intervention Practices to Beijing

Vision Impairment Specialists Drue Banister and Michelle Kim from Wayfinder’s Blind Babies Foundation program  flew from Northern California to Beijing for an international early intervention forum hosted by Bethel China, a nonprofit organization pioneering early intervention for blind Chinese children. While early intervention home visits are considered critical for children who are blind or visually impaired…

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An instructional aide assists a young boy who is blind with a Brailler.

A Special School for Mario

Adriana’s biggest concern has always been what will happen to her son, Mario, after she and her husband pass. Fourteen-year-old Mario was born blind and later diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and autism. Mario attended a local public elementary school, but for middle school, his parents sought a more specialized environment. They wanted him to learn…

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A toddler wearing glasses smiles at the camera.

Liberty’s Miracle

Baby Liberty pointed up into the sky excitedly and exclaimed, “Airplane!” Her parents looked up and saw nothing. Suddenly, there it was, an airplane flying so high it was barely visible. It was a miracle. Liberty saw an airplane so far away that her parents’ average eyes could not see it. Their prayers had been…

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