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toddler holding adult hand with Impact Council Wayfinder Logo on photo

Join the Impact Council Today

Change the future, with us. The Wayfinder Impact Council is now accepting applications for new members. This special group of volunteers gives their time, energy and talents to raise awareness and funds for Wayfinder. COVID-19 has changed the way we all do business and in-person events may not be possible for some time. Virtual meetings…

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Drue Banister is a Wayfinder

Meet a vision specialist from our Blind Babies Foundation program How do you bring Wayfinder Family Services’ mission to life? Early language is difficult for children who have visual impairments, motor impairments that keep them from using sign language, or cognitive impairments. In object communication, we give them an object to touch, like a spoon…

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Create Your Own Legacy

Making a difference is important to you. Charitable giving is an important part of your life and your values. Like many people, you want to leave a meaningful legacy. You can do this by ensuring that Wayfinder’s impact on those who need us most will continue for generations to come. In addition to supporting Wayfinder…

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Holiday 2020 – Q&A with Miki Jordan Wayfinder Family Services Chief Executive Officer

What effect has COVID-19 had on Wayfinder’s children, youth and adults? Wayfinder’s clients are among those hardest hit by the COVID-19 public health and economic crises because they are the most vulnerable and fall into at least one risk group: Low-wage earners: 90% of our clients live in low-income ZIP codes. Children, youth and adults…

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How a Song Changed Harper’s World

A simple song and a little star produced a tremendous breakthrough for Harper, a two-and a half-year-old girl in Wayfinder’s Blind Babies Foundation program. When Harper was a few months old, her parents, Kellie and Jason, began to see clues that something was wrong with their baby. She wasn’t following objects with her eyes or…

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A Grandmother’s Adoption Journey

I don’t want to see my grandchildren on the news,” Monica wrote to the director of social services. She knew her young grandsons were in danger because their mother, Eva*, had a mental illness, which was later diagnosed as schizophrenia. Monica needed to get them help. Eva’s trouble began three years earlier, after she gave…

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