Lead the Way for Future Generations

“Very few of us will be written up in history books,” says Glenn Sonnenberg, Wayfinder board member and donor. “We will be remembered by family and friends. Making a planned gift to Wayfinder is a way to affect the world after we are gone. It is a way of saying, this is who I was, this is what I cared about, and this is my way of leaving the world a better place than when I came.”

Glenn and his wife, Andrea, joined Wayfinder’s Legacy Society when they included Wayfinder in their estate plans. Making a planned gift can be as easy as adding a sentence in your will or making Wayfinder a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy.

The Sonnenbergs are committed to supporting organizations that change the world for people in need. Andrea is co-founder and CEO of a nonprofit that assists underserved youth. Glenn is president of a real estate investment firm and the treasurer of the Wayfinder Board of Directors. Both serve on multiple boards that improve life for children, youth and families.

Through their planned gift, Glenn and Andrea want to ensure that Wayfinder will continue caring for people who are often forgotten. “We all fear mortality,” Glenn notes. “But to know that we can leave something important and special from our time here is to have a little
bit of immortality and meaning beyond our own lives.”

Andrea and Glenn

Do you want to lead the way and help future generations like Andrea and Glenn?  Learn more by contacting Randy Sprabary at (323) 290-6290 or rsprabary@wayfinderfamily.org or visit our Wayfinder Legacy page.

April 29, 2021