Liberty’s Miracle

Baby Liberty pointed up into the sky excitedly and exclaimed, “Airplane!” Her parents looked up and saw nothing. Suddenly, there it was, an airplane flying so high it was barely visible.

It was a miracle. Liberty saw an airplane so far away that her parents’ average eyes could not see it. Their prayers had been answered.

Liberty was diagnosed with several visual impairments just before her second birthday. She struggled to see objects right in front of her and to process what she was seeing.

She would squint and tilt her head to make out objects. Also, Liberty had sluggish fine motor skills, inaccurate depth perception and difficulty with her peripheral vision. That’s when David and his wife, Tana, found Wayfinder’s early intervention program.

David and Tana were unsure if anything could be done for their little girl’s vision, but they were hopeful. Our early intervention specialist, Rebekah, met with the family. With Liberty still in her critical years of growth and development, there was no time to lose.

Rebekah was sensitive and patient with Liberty, building such an authentic trust that their sessions felt more like play than therapeutic exercises to stimulate and strengthen Liberty’s sight.

Their bond was so profound that it was as if they had known each other since Liberty’s birth. This special friendship led to amazing progress in a very short time.

Before long, Liberty laughed more, smiled more and saw more than ever before!

“We want everyone to know that our daughter, Liberty, is living testimony of the power of Wayfinder’s wonderful early intervention program,” David says. “The course of our little girl’s life has completely changed.”

The family also found support through our regional picnics and get-togethers, where our families can share their concerns, hopes and struggles.

“We have been amazed by the generosity of this organization,” says David. “We don’t feel alone on this journey.”

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December 22, 2017