Meet Teri Renfrow Member of the Wayfinder Community Council

A few years ago, Teri Renfrow was looking at the LinkedIn page of a coworker, Jean Minton, whose profile said she was on the board of directors of Adopt a Special Kid. That organization would later combine with Lilliput and then merge with Wayfinder.

Teri approached Jean to learn more, telling her, “I’ve adopted a kid, and I think he’s special.”

Teri explained that in 2002, she and her husband, Jon, had adopted Jacob when he was 20 months old. Jacob is autistic and is verbal but not conversational. Now an adult, Jacob is a whiz at Internet searches and at problem solving.

Learning how much foster care and adoption meant to Teri, Jean introduced her to the Wayfinder team. At first, Teri volunteered her time using her background in executive coaching to streamline processes for Wayfinder’s fundraising events. Then she joined the Community Council, where she continues to serve alongside Jean. “My fellow Community Council members are wonderful people,” Teri says, “and we are proud to help support Wayfinder’s programs and services.”

Wayfinder’s Kinship Support Services Program is very close to Teri’s heart. “The idea that overnight you have to raise your grandchildren—it’s so daunting,” she says. “But it can be so much better with resources from Wayfinder.”

During the COVID shutdown, Teri and Jon, a professional chef, came up with a creative idea to support Wayfinder. They observed that many people had started baking bread while confined to their homes. And Jon knew how to bake bread. “I auctioned him off for Derby Day,” Teri jokes, referring to Wayfinder’s annual fundraiser in Sacramento. The lucky people who “won” Jon in the auction received a hands-on lesson in making sourdough bread.

“There’s a great need to find permanent homes for foster children,” Teri says. “Jon and I are very passionate about helping others experience adoption.”

“By funding or volunteering for Wayfinder, you are helping people become families,” Teri says. “And that’s why I support Wayfinder.”

July 26, 2023