Parker’s Story

Parker is smart, athletic and mature beyond his years. He’s a young man with a plan and a bright future ahead of him, thanks to the care and support he received in our children’s residential treatment program.

Parker entered foster care as a young man. The trauma he experienced leading up to him leaving his home was further magnified by his struggle to keep his diabetes under control.

When Parker entered our program, he was understandably angry. He disliked everyone and everything. He had given up hope.

Thankfully, Parker was at the right place because we never give up hope.

Recognizing Parker’s interest in sports,¬†our counselors and therapists talked to him during games of basketball, pool and volleyball, which he was passionate about. Parker lit up when he played and talked about volleyball!

Before long, Parker’s tough exterior softened and he was a changed young man.

“When I first arrived, I didn’t trust people very much,” Parker recalls. “But then, I realized that the staff were looking out for me. They’re there to help me be who I want to be.”

Through our on-site nursing services, Parker learned to proactively manage his diabetes and prioritize his health above anything else.
Parker became a role model for the other youth in the program and enjoyed helping new residents settle in.

“I’m not used to having people count on me,” Parker says. “It feels good knowing I’m making a difference.”

Parker finished high school in 2017. We were so proud that we purchased him a class ring to wear as a reminder of how much he can achieve. He also has a part-time job close to campus that he gets to by skateboard. He plans to go to college to study kinesiology and hopes to coach volleyball professionally. Parker is excited about his future, and so are we!

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December 5, 2017