Provide a Safe Haven

Henry came to our Temporary Shelter Care program, called The Cottage, after being removed from his home due to neglect. Henry arrived in his wheelchair, dirty and scared. Frankie, a counselor, made Henry feel like he was in a family.

Frankie understands what foster children experience. He was removed from his home at age 7. “I want them to know you can bounce back,” he says. “And it’s not their fault.”

Frankie gave Henry three new outfits, books and toys. Henry spoke to our mental health therapist daily to process his trauma and fear. Frankie adapted the daily activities for Henry in his wheelchair. Most of all, Frankie enjoyed their talks. “Henry was looking to be heard,” Frankie says. “And I just gave him that ear.”
When his foster family picked him up, the boy told Frankie, “I had a great time. I look forward to seeing you again.” Frankie assured him, “We will see each other again.” The boy left with new optimism and confidence in his future.

Do you want to ensure that the next abused or neglected child like Henry will have a place to turn? And that Wayfinder’s services remain free of charge? Learn more by contacting Randy Sprabary at (323) 290-6290 or or visit our Wayfinder Legacy page.

April 29, 2021