Angel and Abby Find Their Forever Home

Alex and Alicia wanted to build a family by opening their hearts to children in need of a home. So, when a family member recommended Wayfinder Family Services, the couple jumped at the opportunity to become adoptive parents.

Over the following months, Alex and Alicia learned the ins and outs of being adoptive parents in trainings with Wayfinder’s supportive staff. Best of all, they began looking forward to bringing their son or daughter home. Just a few weeks after completing their certification, they got the call. An infant boy was in need of their love.

Because the child’s placement was temporary through foster care, the chance that Alex and Alicia would be able to adopt him was small. Nevertheless, they wanted to give him the loving home that he needed, even if it was for a short time. After just a few weeks with the couple, the child’s birth parents were deemed able to give him the care that he deserved, and he returned home.

Alex and Alicia were disappointed, but they were not ready to give up hope. And Seana, the regional director of Wayfinder’s adoption services, wasn’t giving up on finding them a child to love forever. So, when 2-year-old Angel was in need of a permanent placement, Seana immediately called the couple.

“Get ready,” Seana said to them. “Today, is the day you meet your son!”

Overjoyed, Alex and Alicia welcomed Angel into their family. Angel filled their hearts with the kind of love that only a child can provide. They felt nearly complete, but knew deep down that they wanted a second child. A big family was important to them.

So, when Seana called four months later to say that Angel’s biological mother had given up parental rights to her unexpected newborn, the fit was perfect. Baby Abby came home from the hospital at three days old and joined the growing family.

“We are so thankful to have had the staff at Wayfinder by our side through this journey,” says Alex. “They were always willing to go the extra mile to help us with whatever we needed. Without them, our family wouldn’t be the same.”

With the legal proceedings completed, Alex and Alicia are officially the parents of Angel and Abby. But their journey isn’t over. They’re working with Seana to add a third child to their growing family, bringing more happiness to their home, and joy to a child who needs their love.

UPDATE: Angel and Abby have more siblings! Read more

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December 4, 2017