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Success Story – Empathetic

Seven years ago, Rosa got word that her daughter Ysabel’s six young children were being left alone at home. Rosa had been helping care for her grandchildren, but in a moment of anger six months earlier, Ysabel had ordered Rosa out. “Ysabel used to be a great mom,” Rosa says. “But her husband started beating…

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Success Story – Inclusive

The A Team is big. The A Team is lively. No, not the 1980s television show! The new A Team is composed of parents Alejandro and Alicia, plus their three adopted children, Angel, Abigail and Aaden, along with Avah, whose adoption is nearly finalized. Alicia and Alejandro met in choir class in high school. “My…

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Success Story – Innovative

Candice got a phone call from a social worker. A baby named Tara needed a loving home. Tara had had an unfair start in life. She was exposed to drugs in the womb. She was removed from her birth parents after a severely traumatic experience at 5 weeks old. Candice and her husband, Daniel, had…

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