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Holiday 2022 – Q&A with Miki Jordan, Wayfinder Family Services CEO

How has Wayfinder grown and changed with recent changes in the world? We have changed for the better. We chose our name—Wayfinder—because it’s about moving forward. We’ve always been an organization that keeps progressing. One example is in our child development program for young children with vision impairment or multiple disabilities. Initially because of the…

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Nick Aull is a Wayfinder

If you have vision loss and don’t have a reference for color or shape, what are your dreams like? Nick Aull, then a teenage counselor-in-training at Wayfinder’s Camp Bloomfield, wondered about this and more regarding the life experiences of people with visual impairment. A camper named Zion told Nick that his dreams were audio-focused. “Hearing…

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Stepping Up for Liam

“I knew I had to step up and be the dad I needed to be for Liam, says his father, Ryan. “Wayfinder helped me out a lot.” After a divorce, Ryan became a single dad to Liam, who had been born three months prematurely, weighing only 2 pounds. Liam was in the neonatal intensive care…

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Courage at Camp Bloomfield

“Audrey is very brave. I believe it took incredible courage for Audrey to attend Camp Bloomfield,” says Mark Lucas, Wayfinder camp director. Audrey, age 15, had lost much of her vision only nine months before she arrived at camp. Doctors had removed a brain tumor that was pressing on her optic nerve. Post-surgery, she has…

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Fall 2022 – Q&A with Miki Jordan Wayfinder Family Services CEO

What happens during the summer at Wayfinder Family Services? Our core programs assist clients year round, but each summer we offer immersive summer programs for children, youth and young adults with vision impairment. Camp Bloomfield returned to being an overnight camp this summer after being a virtual camp and day camp due to the pandemic….

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Danielle Has a Song in her Heart

Enthusiastic students are returning to Wayfinder’s Special Education School! Among the happy students is Danielle, age 13, who is excited to return for her second year. Danielle is blind and has developmental delays. Her mother, Corinna, transferred Danielle to Wayfinder’s school because she needs more specialized services for visual impairment than she was receiving in…

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Mateo Is Our Blessing

Doctors told Mateo’s family he would not survive, but he proved them wrong Mateo is a blessing,” says his mother Karinna. Doctors had predicted that Mateo had no future. But in Wayfinder’s Early Intervention Program, the little boy’s progress has inspired his close-knit family. On one fateful day when she was seven months pregnant, Karinna…

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